Happy Scooper, LLC of Lakewood, Colorado
Your Backyard's Best Friend

Multiple  Services  From  happy  Scooper,  LLC

Dog Waste Clean Up - Poop Scooping - Pet Errand Running - Pet Taxi Service

Serving Lakewood, Colorado, or nearby cities.  Do you need someone to clean up dog waste?  Someone to pick up pet food or supplies, or someone to taxi your cat or dog to the vet or groomer?  Happy Scooper is your conscientious, insured, and affordable service provider.

  • Dog Waste Clean Up
  • Pet  Errand  Running
  • Pet  Taxi  Service

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(720) 201-8743

Happy Scooper client "Hunter"

Happy Scooper client "Max"

Serving Lakewood , Colorado and nearby cities

​E-mail gail@happyscooper.com or call Gail at 720-201-8743

Happy Scooper client "Sophie" and her Mommy